A goddess of love, fertility, beauty, luxury, pleasure, sexuality, and destiny. You will find her near rivers. You will find her within.

The goddess Oshun is a deity of the Nigerian Yoruba. She is protector, healer, teacher. When we envision Oshun, she is near sweet waters, surrounded by yellow flowers in bloom, and adorned with radiant gold.

We shot this series in a field of wildflowers beside the ocean. The sun was beaming, and the wind was powerful. My sweet, magical friend Toni honored the goddess Oshun. Toni is a force of nature; bursting with wisdom, positive energy, and an intrinsic beauty.

The meditation ritual that we crafted for Oshun is all about luscious self love. With this ritual, seek to own your power by honoring the goddess within. Anoint yourself in aromatic oil. Indulge in wholesome treats. Dress yourself in your finest garments. Sometimes, it’s difficult to give ourselves the space to serve ourselves. But, it is so important to do so. When you love yourself, you are setting the tone for how others should treat you. More importantly, if you love the goddess of your soul, then inner strength will grow.


Self Love Meditation Ritual

What You Need:

• a safe, quiet space to meditate

  • crystals of your choice
  • an oil blend that you love (we used jasmine, orange, vanilla)
  • sweet treats that you love (we used dates and oranges)
  • Create your altar with offerings to Oshun. Place all the crystals, treats, and oil in front of you.
  • Sit with palms facing up.
  • Close your eyes and connect to your breath.
  • Envision a golden light surrounding you with love and protection.
  • Anoint your wrists with the oil.
  • Slowly bring your wrists to each chakra point on your body. Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus Sacral, Root. Allow yourself to really feel the connection and opening to each chakra.
  • When you are done, sit in meditation for as long as you can. Envision a sweet visit from Oshun, allow her to give you goddess gifts.
  • After your meditation, nibble on the sweets. Leave a few bites for Oshun.IMG_5127 IMG_5132 IMG_5172 IMG_5244 IMG_5279 IMG_5288 IMG_5213IMG_5306 IMG_5316 IMG_5327 IMG_5332 IMG_5339 IMG_5340 IMG_5347 IMG_5358 IMG_5363 IMG_5375 IMG_5380 IMG_5397 IMG_5408  IMG_5436 IMG_5444 IMG_5462 IMG_5487-2

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