Artemis: the goddess of the wild. She is the hunter. The defender of animals, of the forest, of women, of children. She aids mothers through childbirth. As mistress of the hunt, she is strategic in her pursuit. She radiates strength. Her energy is raw, untamed. She offers protection. We celebrate this goddess and draw from her many powers.


Artemis is seen with certain symbols — the deer, the bow & arrow, and the moon.

Along with the hunt, Artemis’ bow and arrow represent the rays of the moon. Artemis is one of the main lunar goddesses, as she embodies and evokes feminine strength — the moon is a strong force for women. Artemis’ deer is a symbol of independence, of pure instinct, and of regeneration. The stems of a deer’s antlers are shed and regrown each year.

Take a moment to think about the Artemis within you. You are the archer, but which direction do you wish to propel yourself towards? There is a steadfast compass within you. Are you listening? And if you are, can you find the courage to transform into the self you’re destined to be? Change is challenging, and there may be growing pains. But you are guided by the moon, by your arrow, and by your own Artemis. You are safe and protected. The spell below is for clearing debris of our minds, and truly listening to our intuition.

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For this photo series, I photographed my dear friend, June St. Paul — a true force of nature. She invited me to her artists retreat, Artemis Rising. The synchronicity was magical. The retreat was one of the best experiences I’ve had — living communally with talented artists and creatives, sharing meaningful discussions and collaborating. And, of course, lots of witchcraft. June and I had only an hour or so to shoot this series, as I had a plane to catch. We woke up around dawn, and climbed to the roof, and took these photos in the freezing Chicago cold. I’ve learned a lot from June about intuition, magic, and being ferocious in following your own path. I think this photo series illustrates this luminosity.

Artemis Intuition Spell

What You Will Need

  • silver or white candle
  • animal bone (antlers are best) **optional if you are vegetarian/vegan
  • palo santo
  • a piece of paper & pen


  • Cast your circle
  • Assemble your Artemis altar – place the candle, bone, paper, and palo santo in front of you.
  • Sit facing North with palms facing up, open to receiving.
  • Light your candle
  • Light the palo santo & circle the smoke around you nine times.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your third eye, the space between your brows. Sit in silence for three minutes.
  • When you are ready, recite:

“With gratitude, I honor the goddess Artemis.

I am protected, illuminated by the powers of the moon.

I am aware, guided by strong instinct.

I am becoming.

With clear mind and sight,

a symbol for guidance I shall find.”

  • Focus on your third eye. You shall see an image or word. Draw or write this down on your paper.
  • When you are done, thank Artemis for her guidance and protection.
  • Carry this piece of paper with you, to remind you of the strength in your intuition.

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