Let’s get this out of the way: Valentine’s Day originated from the pagan holiday Lupercalia. Lupercalia is an ancient festival encouraging and celebrating fertility. This pagan holiday was dedicated to Faunus, a deity of agriculture. It was common for women to pray for pregnancy, for and men to whip them with animal skins to bless them with fertility. The festival would often conclude with arranged marriages. Sounds like my kind of party, honestly.

With most holidays, the original pagan festival has been translated throughout time and religions, which we now know as Valentines Day. Personally, the modern commercialized holiday doesn’t leave a pleasant taste in my mouth, as hard as Hallmark and Hershey’s may try. Any forced emotion, especially on a large social scale, feels fraudulent.

However, this time of year is especially beautiful. The soil is fertile, and spring’s due date draws near. We can expect a lush spring, a warmth in the air, a change of seasons. I find love in this shift. Whether or not you partake in the strange festivities of this day, you can definitely see the beauty in nature, the love that is sown into our earth, and the crops, blooms, and growth that shall soon come into fruition.

So, who is Freyja? A norse goddess. A goddess of love, of fertility, of confidence, of beauty. She rides around in a sleigh led by cats. She wears a dazzling magic necklace. She cries tears of gold. She is the leader of the Valkyrie. She is a love warrior. If you aren’t feeling that self love, Freyja will vigorously guide you back to yourself.

I had been eager to shoot my close friend and roommate Kate for a while. Over the past year, Kate has shown me support, friendship, and so much love. I am so grateful to live with such a beautiful person. Also, our cats were married recently (that’s another story), so we are actually mother-in-laws, too. And on that feline note, Kate wanted to honor Freyja; a choice made partially because of the wonderful cat sleigh, and also because of the love factor.

Kate is valiant with love. I admire this about her. She radiates the energy of Freyja. I hope you enjoy this fun photoset.

The spell attached is one of my favorite love spells that I crafted a few months ago. Enjoy, and remember to love yourself first.



Apple Love Spell

What You Need

  • Apple
  • Crystals of your choice
  • Pink or White Candle


  • Cast your circle. Place your crystals and candle in front of you.
  • Take a few moments to connect to your breath, sit in a relaxed position with your palms facing up.
  • Light your candle. Envision the warmth of love surrounding you.
  • Take the apple in your hands.
  • Bite into the apple. Bite it with the visualization of what you want to give with love. Then, bite again with the visualization of what you yearn to receive with love. Do this until you feel satiated.
  • Take a moment to focus on the flame. Let it burn out over time.
  • Close your circle.
  • Also, I highly recommend planting the apple seeds, for love and growth.


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