Every witch needs an altar! There are many reasons why an altar will enhance your practice. At the core of the matter, you are crafting a safe place for your magic and your spiritual exploration. With an altar, you can display your magical tools, such as crystals and incense. You may use the altar for your daily or weekly rituals. You can fashion your altar to honor a specific goddess you resonate with, one you want to connect with more. You may have the altar be your primary place for spells. And, with most things pertaining to magic work, you can customize your altar. Create an altar that feels right to you. Below, I will give you some ideas & some traditional techniques for the altar.


The above image is the layout for a traditional altar. An explanation of each –

• The Goddess – you may choose a specific goddess to honor, or simply honor the feminine energy. A candle and/or a statue works perfectly.

• The Chalice – representative of the goddess energy, the womb. You may use wine as an offering.

• The Wand – used for channeling energy & divination.

• Athame – ritual knife, used to direct energy.

• Pentacle – in the center of your altar, the pentacle represents all the elements in magic: air, water, fire, earth, and spirit, the apex is always pointed up towards the spirit. This gives power and protection for your magical work.

• Bowl of Salt – represents the earth element

• Bowl of Water – represents the water element

• Fire Candle – represents the fire element

• Incense – represents the air element

  • Not on the layout
    • you may use crystals anywhere throughout your altar
    • flowers as an offering are always wonderful to have on your altar
    • enhance your altar by adding tools & items that are meaningful to you. (for example, i have an icelandic coin, oils, and a flower fairy book on my altar as well)

Enjoy your altar crafting.




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